Star signs and money

8 July 2015

Astrology people re-el magazine


One issue that often astrology searches is whether a natal horoscope can reveal if someone has luck with finances in his life. In an astrological chart, the second, the ninth and the eleventh house are those primarily related to financial matters. The planet Jupiter is the bearer of wealth and good fortune. If the time of birth was in one of these three houses is an indication that the person will have a good economic situation.

Also, if Venus and Mars are two of said houses in the natal horoscope, a stability is provided in economics. However, the presence of Saturn here associated with a certain “tight.” The fourth house represents the real estate and luxury, so the presence of Venus here foretells a very comfortable life.

Astrology gives you ways to improve your luck, but you have to believe it’s already in your hand. There are no guarantees that your life can be transformed into inconceivable level, but at least you know what to watch out for and how to be helped.

It is very important for you to you realize your attitudes to money, because from there starts any good (or bad) perspective to configure your economic level.

Aries is qualified to easily climb the scale of financial success through his professional career. But what is likely to restrain him, the credulity of the face of flattery and bad advice that can be heard. Caution and discrimination. Otherwise, as they are highly competitive and lives for success, not withdrawn from the professional arena only if it reaches old age. The color is recommended to wear their professional meetings, as it may help him to success, it is red.

Taurus manages well everything he or she deals with, because they are hardworking and evaluate correctly. Usually they give the impression that a greater economic comfort exists than real, because dress neatly and intelligently manages his money so as to live with seeming comfort. The best decisions on economic matters are taken by themselves, as their mind works more efficiently in … isolation, without being broken by the third party interventions. The color brings more luck to outfit when dealing with finances is blue.

Whether Gemini’s purse will be full or empty, it is a completely unknown factor in their life. And the reason is that the representative of this star sign seldom has a specific plan in his career in financial management. Instead, they should stay flat at a time which will emerge through the innate eloquence and readiness of his thought. And not succumb to the lure of gambling and gravy general. The colors may be time to bring him luck is silver and white.

Cancer generally worry about their finances and seek to have a hidden nest egg for difficult situations. Probably the first years of their life may meet an economic crunch, which can be neutralized by hard and diligent work. Perhaps seduced by the idea of ​​easy money, but hard to get rich by speculation. Better to insist on professional low-risk occupations, which tends to achieve more. Most charm in wealth colors to time a cancer is green, cream and white.

The Lions are considered lucky stars signs regarding restitution and tend to make money through unusual and unorthodox sources. They live well, even though they have the same economic comfort to their permits. They loathe the idea of ​​being financially dependent on someone else, and if misfortune due to such a situation, they reveal the worst side of their character. The colors in clothing that bring economic fortune in this sign is the yellow, orange, light green and white.

Virgo is one of the most labor star signs and this proves the case to pull a living. If they become rich, it will be more because of the trouble rather than clever inspirations. They have a materialistic trend when they come to financial matters, and they may behave with excessive containment to stinginess. Generally proved to be very inventive in the ways of saving money. The colors of bring economic fortune when the time is generally pastel shades and shiny accessories.

Libra act quite impulsively on economic issues, as outweighs the desire for all the pleasures of life that can offer him money. Actually, they are not the type that will stinted if they like something. However, they are in favor of fortune, so they do not suffer the consequences of recklessness. On the other hand, is a star sign that can be enriched through the stock and shares, if played correctly. To enhance the good fortune of the wealth helps to dress in shades of blue.

The innate distrust of Scorpio, which makes him cautious and results in inertia and procrastination can lead them to lose several opportunities for enrichment during their life. Usually this star sign manages to have more than one income sources is good saver and smart investor. Pay their debts as soon as possible, because they feels like a burden and wants to untangles them. The colors may be time for more good fortune in economics is dark red and blue.

Honesty Sagittarius in financial matters is indescribable. In order to break early or even the law, will act against the their personal interest without hesitating. Rarely will you find someone to say that the representative of this star sign  “ate” money. On the other hand, the Archers who have suffered economic crunch from an early age, may end up behaving in quite petty manner and not to show any generosity. The colors may be time to bring him luck in wealth are purple and violet.

Capricorn does everything to become financially independent from an early age, and does not want to feel indebted or even to his parents. They can spend enough at personal satisfaction, but not so for others. Generosity is rather impersonal and based on moral duty, as they prefer to give more money to charity, for example, in institutions and organizations, rather than individuals. The colors bring him luck in money when the time is gray, purple, black and violet.

Aquarius excels in almost all businesses, but he or she is usually best to make money for others than for himself or herself. If they born having financial comfort, rarely show off their wealth or advantage of any opportunities to increase. Although born in difficult economic conditions, it is possible to shape a character,not completely honest on economic issues. When an Aquarius wants to manage his finances would help if time clothes in shades of gray and electric blue color.

Pleople with this star sign are stressed enough in terms of their financial security. They do not like at all to oblige and make enough economy to have something aside for more difficult times. They might not seem fully consistent in financial commitments. The reason for this is that Pisces make decisions impulsively with all good intention, but en route awaken mid insecurity or realize that from the beginning was not able to contribute financially. The colors are good to time to improve its financial luck is violet, purple, and violet.