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31 July 2015

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Friends Aries with Venus retrograde in Leo, attention to selfish deeds, avoid the passionate reactions. The Full Moon in Aquarius brings success in anything radical and innovative think, it is conceivable to the sharp rise in your financial earnings. Today you will be able to reconcile reason and emotion, but your great love in absolute freedom will lead to intense selfishness acts. Open will be the possibility of meeting a new person that will cause you an intense sexual attraction.


Dear taurus, the Full Moon in Aquarius, go to reward stage, fruiting your efforts, come gains both financially, and emotionally. Do not be afraid to make moves that require risk and do not dare to claim money others owe to you. Professional relationships will spend equilibrium period, you will be at the right time to formulate your ideas to spend on innovative actions. With Venus retrograde in Leo, limit excess voltages.


Friends Gemini Full Moon in Aquarius will help you put logic to emotion, the retrograde Venus in Leo will make you somewhat exaggerated, dramatic, giving you a temporary passion. Today you will take the decision to take precipitous action in order to change the situations that create you stagnation or monotony. Luck will be on your side and might you discover something you are looking for a long time. There will be revelations that will bring definitive solutions.


Friends Cancers, emotional upheavals and erotic surprises will bring the Full Moon in Aquarius and Venus retrograde in Leo. This time, you’ll want to pass your relationships to a deeper level with strong emotional roots. You will be cooperative in your workplace, but someone with a leading role will have appointments with you where he will make you some proposals, asking you meaningful cleanup. Arrange your feelings, avoid exaggeration, balance your heart and logic.


Friends Leos, the Full Moon in Aquarius and Venus retrograde in your sign, the development of an intense debate will bring emotional twists. A person from your past love regrets for his/her mistakes or indifferent attitude and is aimed to create conditions of reconnection with you. Bold words and sudden confessions will bring unrest, it is conceivable to display passion in your actions. Make the effort the logic to overrride in your movements, avoid fetched selfish actions.


My friends Virgin, the Full Moon in Aquarius, you will have the chance to have new claims, success will find you in a pioneering idea and money comes in your hands. You will feel the need to redefine your attitude towards others, you treat it with more understanding and acceptance, helping to go to the real feelings surface. Open will be the possibility of reconnecting with a person from the past, get accordingly the favorable conditions will exist.


Friends libra, the Full Moon in Aquarius and Venus retrograde in Leo will lead you to deep searches and you will require from your own self, to clarify wishes and targets. You will create a strong desire to erase from your life persons that are tiring you and with a very dynamic attitude you will penetrate radical changes in your love affair. There will not be missed erotic challenges and the very warm way in which you handle them, will give you an opening for new erotic adventures.


Dear Scorpio, the Full Moon in Aquarius, you will experience emotional tension, there will be no exaggeration to your reactions, but you will give solutions to issues that plague you. Today apocalyptic events will reveal truths and withdrawn situations that throwing dust in your eyes. The timing is appropriate for social activities, for beautiful friendly interactions but also for meeting new persons. Stay close to your family members, show your love and your confidence.


Fellow Sagittarius, the Full Moon in Aquarius and Venus retrograde in Leo may cause emotional outbursts to your contacts, friendly or erotic. Today you will not stay in the surface of the words and instead of this you will look for evidence that aimed to reveal the true feelings and true intentions. In your conversations you’ll be available to say bluntly, your actions will be characterized by vigor and passion. Open will be the possibility of a new relationship, however there would be chance for a stable relationship.


Dear Capricorn, the Full Moon in Aquarius, you will find innovative solutions, you will succeed to arrange professional disagreements successfully and close financial affairs. With Venus retrograde in Leo, you would treat with selfishness to your love partner, perhaps to look cold and indifferent to emotional revelations that will make you. For erotic singles, if you seek new relationship, there will be the possibility to appear before your facelift, but they is not sure for avoiding disappointments.


Friends Aquarians, the Full Moon in your sign will make you efficient, imaginative and enhance greatly your instincts. You manage to overtake difficulties and obstacles, today there will be chance to get your hands a sizable amount. Retrograde Venus in Leo will not help you to balance your love field and because there will be a perspective of a new erotic relationship, so your mind to slip infidelity. If you show challeging and suspicious, you will be close to the probability of separation.


Friends Pisces with Venus retrograde in Leo, it is conceivable to feel frustration in your business partnerships or erotic relationships. I advice you to avoid falling into the trap unsubstantiated doubts and do not take decisions based on emotional complexes. With the Full Moon in Aquarius, love and psychological support will be for you if that person make the right choice to trust, then you will find yourself happy to experience moments of erotic and emotional harmony.

Tags:astrology free tarot reading, birthday astrology, astrology horoscope




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