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29 September 2015

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Someone you usually have a real problem with is going to be a bigger part of this day than you’d ideally like (or so you think), but the good news is that you will slowly find yourself getting to like their little idiosyncrasies as the day moves forward. Maybe it’s the more flexible mood you’ve been in lately, maybe it’s the pleasant turn in the weather, or maybe it’s just because you’re tired of being annoyed by them. Whatever the reason, rejoice in the fact that the day’s frustration level will be low.


Join in on a charitable group activity today! If a work or school group is putting together donations or asking people to sign up for a cause, get involved. You can help others, too. In fact, you might be better prepared to help those who are in need right now than anyone else — you’re generous, you’re kind, and you have got the right amount of energy to handle anyone’s extra baggage or problems. This is a good day to play amateur psychiatrist and help someone figure stuff out.


Recent misunderstandings between you and a coworker or friend are finally starting to get cleared up today — and it looks like all’s well that ends well. You were a little bit in the wrong, they were a little bit in the wrong — isn’t that how it always works? The two of you have got a relationship that is stronger and healthier than ever, and you both deserve to celebrate that fact. Take each other to lunch or dinner and enjoy some real quality time over some real quality food.


Some of your recent daydreams have been giving you good ideas about where to take your life next — why not explore one of those paths today? The universe is sending you some solid energy that will keep you grounded when you’re in unfamiliar situations. You’ll stay cool, calm and collected even when you’re not quite sure what the heck is going on. Feeling like a fish out of water can be exhilarating, and it can show you a lot of qualities in yourself that you never knew you had.


If you are in a group situation today, perk up your ears! Listening is going to benefit you a lot more than talking will. So keep mum about what you think or what you want to do — let everyone else weigh in and argue over the pros and cons of different options. Just be careful that you don’t appear to be uninvolved. Maintain eye contact, take notes if you want to, and give important physical clues that show you are paying attention. You don’t have to talk to play a big role!


If someone you care about has disappointed you recently, try not to be too critical of them. Right now, they probably need your compassion more than they need your opinion. Start a sweet conversation with them. Gently probe into what could be going on with them. Give them the green light to open up to you and trust you with the latest updates in their life. Listen without interruption — when they want to know what you have to say, they will ask you. Wait for that before speaking.


Take a little more care with how you eat and what you eat. While your diet might not be that bad, you should be more mindful of what you put into your body right now. Illness is a possibility, but it is one you can prevent with proper nutrition and a good night’s sleep. Another good idea is to stop doing so much ‘on the go’ — multi-tasking is only helping you accomplish a lot of things. It’s not helping you accomplish them well. Quality is much more important than quantity right now.


Today your creativity will be at an all-time high — and it will be bursting into every area of your day. Wherever you go, you will be able to add a splash of color to the canvas. Stuck in a boring meeting? Not for long! You can turn the most boring agenda into a comedy showcase by suggesting everyone act out their ideas with modern dance. Okay, so not every idea you’ll have today will be feasible — but they all will be unique and charming, just like you!


Today, you will be smack dab in the center of everything — and you will have a lot of influence over what could happen next. The skills you have been learning over the past few weeks have given you capabilities you never knew you had before — and you need to use them before you lose them! You know exactly how to wield your power today, although it might take you a while to work up the gumption to take charge. Once you do, though, everything will fall into place.


Why are you looking behind you? Thinking about what has already happened is a waste of your time, and a waste of your energy. What’s done is done. Today, turn to face forward and look at what is ahead of you — there’s a lot to be done, and you can do it well. Have faith in yourself — everyone else has faith in you. Advance on a project (any project) today, and give yourself something to check off your list. Standing in one spot, wondering if you just made a mistake, is silly.


Today, there is a high likelihood of confusion. The details of your bank account and credit card statements could be telling you two different things, and it is absolutely essential for you to get things straight today. If you don’t, you could be under the wrong impression about how much disposable income you actually have. An unexpected invitation comes your way for a fun (and totally free) event, so if you have the time you should definitely accept it.


Before you do anything for anyone else today, do something for yourself! It doesn’t have to a big thing, either. Tell yourself you look super sassy. Buy yourself an extra fancy coffee drink. Book yourself a massage appointment. Take an extra long lunch and go see a movie you’ve been dying to see. Take the initiative to treat yourself like royalty! It’s the best example you can set for others. Things that are valuable need to be cared for. And you are something of major value!

Tags:astrology free tarot reading, birthday astrology, astrology horoscope




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