What part of your body is associated with your star sign?

24 July 2015

astrology-people re-el magazineAries is the first sign of Fire. It has an innovative, lively and dynamic nature.It is the first cardinal signs and ….read more



See what the star signs say for this week that is beggining from Friday, July 17th…

17 July 2015

zodia-660-650x250-astrology-people re-eel magazineARIES:There are many issues to be resolved, but it seems to precede the family and ….read more



Will you reconnect with you ex-boyfriend? See his star sign!

12 July 2015

Astrology people re-el magazineYou divorced and want him to return back to you? Have you changed many behaviors and you have not  accomplished anything?….read more



Star signs and money

8 July 2015

Astrology people re-el magazineOne issue that often astrology searches is whether a natal horoscope can reveal if people have luck with finances in their life….read more



The 10 top erotic combinations of star signs!

5 July 2015

Astrology people re-el magazineLook here for the best 10 star sign couples.1. Scorpio woman & Taurus man:….read more



The stars reveal if he is husband material

3 July 2015

Young Couple HuggingIt may was really hard for you, but you finally found him and even you think that he is the one and only!….read more



The zodiacs and good memory! What zodiacs forget ..even their names?

30 June 2015

Astrology people re-el magazineSince we are in a Mercury retrograde period we have the perfect excuse for being late to our appointments,….read more



5 Zodiac that are likely to cheat!

28 June 2015

Astrology people re-el magazineMore or less all the zodiacs could cheat their partner, depending on the conditions prevailing in a relationship and….read more



Zodiac defects

28 June 2015

stock-vector-set-of-symbol-zodiac-sign-zodiac-icons-freehand-drawing-264254099Looking the characteristics of each zodiac, but you want to find and their defects? See the problems facing each zodiac sign!….read more



Weekly Predictions for all Signs

16 June 2015

Provisions at week 14 to 20 June.ARIES:If nothing else, you will give you opportunities to flirt, to increase your….read more




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